Boston Buyer’s Guide: Welcome, Primark!

I love to shop.  I vary between classic, boho, hippie, glam, and occasionally mildly hipster styles, so I have a lot of clothes.  But clothes cost money, and I always feel guilty buying cheap clothes that I know aren’t good quality.  It’s so much better to spend more money on one or two well-made items that will last longer and transcend trends, but sometimes I get distracted by cheap and shiny objects haha!  But I am trying to be a better spender, so I was very excited that Primark was coming across the pond and opening their first US store in downtown Boston!

Primark is a college girl’s dream store: tons of options, and well-made for their very inexpensive prices.  I’ve shopped at their stores in England with my British cousins, and it is so fun!  Their stores are organized, clean, and filled with tons of great clothes, shoes, beauty products, home goods, and kids’ clothing. Basically, you can find everything you need in one place, (except for food!) and now Boston has one only 20 minutes away from my apartment!  I went there for a very quick shopping trip on Thursday with one of my friends, and he kept laughing at how obsessed and excited I was.  Here are some of my favorite things from my first trip to Primark Boston

Primark 1

  • Rip Knee Super Stretch Jean – When I had lunch with my friend Aliyah in Brooklyn last weekend, I complimented her on her perfect off-duty model jeans.  I was totally shocked and thrilled when she told me that they were from Primark, and that she found them more comfortable than TopShop jeans that she’d gotten for four times the price!  I bought these in black and dark blue for $17 each, and they are some of the only jeans long enough for my long legs!
  • Foam Roses Lights – I love the smell and look of roses, so I am so excited to hang these in my apartment.  They aren’t too pink or girly, either!
  • White Fab Fluffy Throw – I have these fluffy blankets all over my apartment!  They are great for movie nights, naps, basically any time you want to be cozy.
  • Mustard Plain Keyhole Blouse – This blouse comes in four colors, but I was drawn to the yellow, which is actually more of a marigold than mustard.  I love wearing yellow with my blonde hair!

I also bought this adorable pale blue fluffy heart pillow, delicious rose candle, and a few other items that don’t seem to be online.  Basically, my first trip to Primark was a blast, and I was so impressed by them!  Welcome to Boston 🙂

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