About Me: Extended Edition

I am slowly but surely updating this blog to the standard I aspire for it!  I now use WordPress Premium, which I learned from running my father’s company site, offers so many more options than the standard free version.  I’ve written before about bloggers who inspire me, and I am so impressed with how beautiful all of their websites are.  While I work to improve this site, I thought I would share a bit more about myself in questionnaire style!  Get to know me…

My favorite movies are… Little Mermaid (and most Disney movies), Legally Blonde, Some Like It Hot, Godfather I&II

My favorite Disney princess is… Ariel or Mulan (technically she wasn’t a princess but she totally kicks ass, and I know every one of Mushu’s lines)

My favorite apps are… instagram, snapchat, Spotify Premium

If I could only eat one food for the rest of my life, it would be… Pizza.  Like, to an obsessive point.  But I love most foods!

I feel most at home in… Cape Cod or Israel.  My family has a house in South Yarmouth, and I’ve lived in Israel three times throughout my life!

In my free time I… take photos (and lots of selfies!), shop too much, read books, cook yummy food for my family, or think about things to write about for this blog!

My favorite workout is… yoga, weight machines or elliptical (while watching a movie so I forget I’m working out haha)

I would love to travel to… Greece or Italy.  I’m also a big fan of roadtrips with my family.

A weird quirk I have… when I was a little girl, I used to perform Andrea Bocelli’s Con te Partiro for my family.  I made up my own words, but I had a very booming operatic voice for a small child.  My grandma still requests performances today!

The most comforting thing is… a long drive or roadtrip with my family when its snowing or raining.  Knowing my dad is at the wheel makes me feel like I’m a kid again.

The best concert I ever saw was… Paul McCartney at Fenway Park

When I want to relax, I… take a walk, listen to music, cook

My guilty pleasures are… late night eats, online shopping, face masks

My biggest pet peeves are… bad drivers, people who are unnecessarily rude or inconsiderate, slobby houseguests.  So I guess I just wish people would just be more considerate of others!

I freaked out when… my former roommate used to get naked and walk around in front of my ex-boyfriend in broad daylight!  Now you know why I live alone haha

Biggest Fear: The Titanic (the actual historical event, not the movie – long story!), snakes, heights, bugs

I can’t live without my… family and best friends, moisturizer, water, and a detangling hairbrush

My favorite person in the world is… my little sister
So that’s some stuff about me!  Feel free to comment and tell me about yourself. 

XX, Gabrielle 

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