Hey all!

This is the first post in a new segment I am going to call Wonder Women.  I think that women spend way too much time comparing ourselves to each other – usually unfairly – and setting ridiculous standards for beauty, weight, and lifestyle (to name a few.)  I am definitely guilty of this bad habit!  I agonize over which pictures to post, worrying that I’ll look fat; I look at photoshopped pictures of models and celebrities and even though I know that they are mostly good lighting, makeup artistry and retouching, I still feel inadequate.  I am friends with some beautiful, smart, absolutely magnificent ladies, and we definitely should not be wasting even seconds of our lives tearing ourselves down, but sometimes we do, and that is just wrong!  So this series will focus on women I admire: women who are fashionable, well-traveled, funny, smart, and pro-other women.  It is time for us as a gender to support each other ALL THE TIME.

So to start it off, I am going to feature some of my favorite bloggers!  These women are all ladies I genuinely think I could be friends with in real life, and their websites/instagrams/snapchats all brighten up my life and inspire me, and I just wanted to share their awesomeness with you!  With that said, here is Wonder Women part 1 of many:

Cupcakes and Cashmere – I’ve been reading C&C for about 4 years now!  I’ve loved following along as Emily got married, bought and decorated a beautiful home, and had a baby.  She generally lives a classy and stylish life, something I aspire to do as well.  Among her plethora of posts: adorable outfits and great recipes.


Sincerely Jules – Julie Sarinana lives a seriously beautiful life.  Her outfits and amazing world travels give me serious fashion and wanderlusts.  Like, actually, please take me with you next time.


Something Navy – Arrielle Charnas is a girl after my own heart.  Massively incredible closet, effortless breezy, chic style, and we’re both Jewish!  She is also a strong advocate for pet adoption, admitting that she bought her dog from before knowing the cruelty dogs experience in puppy mills.  Follow her and her adorable puppy on their instagrams: @somethingnavy and @somethingdylan


Barefoot Blonde – First things first, AWESOME name for a blog.  I myself, am a frequently barefoot blonde woman!  Amber Fillerup Clark is a bubbly and seriously stylish lady with the cutest little family ever.  Read her blog for awesome hairstyle tutorials and adorable baby posts.

I hope everyone checks out these ladies’ websites, and I hope that we all do our best to support our fellow females whenever and however we can.  Girl Power!

XX, Gabrielle

* Photos courtesy of each blogger’s public website

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