Boston Beauty Guide

I talk a lot about beauty products, but I realized that I’ve never done a post about the amazing places in Boston where I go to feel pampered and fresh.  I can be very low-maintenance when I want to be, but it is also so fun to feel like I am completely put-together.  Even though I believe that beauty and all the other important things come from within, feeling good about your exterior never hurts 🙂

Evie Salon Studio – (57 Holland St, Somerville) I am very picky about my hair.  It is thick, wavy, and blonde, so it requires multiple areas of expertise.  It took me the first 19 years of my life to find Katherine, and she is my miracle worker.  I’ve followed her to a few salons because Katherine knows what I want better than I do, so I just let her do her thing and leave happy.

Proof of good hair!
Proof of good hair!

Brookline Natural Nail – (1372 Beacon St., Brookline) This place is clean, bright, and cheap!  You can get powder gel + regular manicure here all for $20, and it will last for at least two weeks without chipping.

Millenium Nails – (195 Harvard St., Brookline) My other nail salon.  My family has been coming here since I was a little girl, and they are very fast and inexpensive.  I love the gel pedicure here, which is only $35 and lasts over a month.  Ask for Kim!

The Threading Spa – (199 Boylston St., Chestnut Hill) As a blonde, I have some pale brows, so I only need to shape them about once every two months.  Threading also lasts longer than waxing, and though a little painful, is cheap and less irritating to my skin.

Robin Erb Skincare – (10 Newbury St., Boston) My lashes are brown at the root and blonde at the tip, so when I don’t wear mascara, I look like a hairless cat.  People always ask me if I’m sick, or think I’m about 15 years old, haha!  I wanted to try extensions for a long time (pardon the pun!) but they are usually expensive.  Then I found a Groupon for Robin Erb, which happens to be one of the best places in Boston!  Robin did my lashes personally, and was super sweet and fun to talk to during the process, which is a little unnerving because your eyes are closed for about half an hour while the lashes are applied.  I went back a few times for refills.  This Groupon is actually still available, so get on it if you want Kylie Jenner-esque lashes!  I get regular lash tinting there, and save the extensions for special occasions and trips to maintain my lash health.

The lashes of my dreams!
The lashes of my dreams!

I’m also finally getting around to trying an Infrared Sauna today, after reading about it on Byrdie a few weeks ago.  Very excited to let you know how that goes!

XX, Gabrielle

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