Week in Photos: Mostly Food

I hope everyone had a good weekend!  I had a totally exhausting week; it is so hard to walk around on a boot cast!  None of my shoes are the same height as the boot, so after about a day, my back was all uneven, which is super uncomfortable.  You know, in addition to the super painful foot.  Fun.  Anyway, besides work, I didn’t do much this week besides go to the beach and eat a lot of food.  That’s all I had energy for, but the pictures are pretty!

11845974_10152855560651571_1013982003_nAmazing lunch at 40 Carrots: white bean soup, tuna sandwich, ginger/apple/carrot juice

11805795_10152855559896571_2051926988_nCloseup on the Shakshukah I made.  Recipe to come…

11815972_10152855559756571_865648253_nDinner from Rami’s, the only place outside of Israel that has real pita and falafel

11846347_10152855559616571_1765945839_nMain Street, Hyannis, USA

11824215_10152855558741571_917554042_nLunch with my beautiful grandma, Baba

11830339_10152855558516571_860650873_nPizza Barbone!

11802120_10152855558136571_940825416_nMy favorite view in my neighborhood on the Cape


11824241_10152855556916571_1650287219_nWhen you grow out your lob and can finally do a fishtail braid again, you take a selfie!

11815610_10152855556796571_113690779_nBeautiful Sunday morning at my beach

11844280_10152855556581571_1764031928_nSketching on the beach with my mom

11798176_10152855556376571_2046247301_nMeal with a view!  Our favorite restaurant, Mattakeese Wharf.

11824080_10152855556276571_633577834_nBasil walnut pesto tortellini and Cape Cod cod.  Too good.

11801900_10152855548796571_1435960561_nA perfect, restful Sunday.

That’s all for now, because its Monday.  Ew.

XX, Gabrielle

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