Romp Around

There are things I love about each season’s fashion.  Leather jacket and booties for fall, leggings and big sweaters (usually stolen from my dad) to keep me warm in the winter, and my faded Gap jean jacket over any spring outfit.  But there is something special about summer clothing; flowy white dresses, cutoff shorts, espadrilles, and bathing suits worn in place of clothing.  Summer is full of possibilities, fun, and warmth, and I love that the styles reflect that.  I think that rompers epitomize that fun, and I love how easy it is to style one.  I own five or six rompers, ranging from daytime casual to nightclub chic, and I always throw one on whenever I’m feeling too lazy to actually put together an outfit from scratch.  They always look cute, and have the bonus of not riding up and exposing your underwear when you’re dancing or walking on a windy beach!  There are so many budget-friendly, super-cute rompers around, but here are some of the ones I’m considering adding to my collection:

Romper Collage 7_16_15

1. Splendid Paisley Print Wrap Romper ($158) – This blue and white romper reminds me of Greece!

2. Lulu’s Show Me the Anemone Romper in Chartreuse ($48) – Tassels are everywhere this season and the back of this romper is just so cute and unique.

3. Free People Song For You Romper ($168) – I love the short sleeve-low cut combo on this boho-chic romper

4. Lulu’s No Matter What Romper in Coral Red ($34 marked down from $42) – This romper comes in black and blue as well, and I want to buy all of them.

5. Lulu’s Fortuitous Navy Blue Striped Halter Romper ($49) – This is one of my favorite necklines.  Very hippie, and universally flattering!

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