Final Countdown

As of today, I have three weeks left in Israel.  I can’t decide if I’m more devastated to leave, or thrilled to come home.  I find the promise of family, friends, holiday cheer, and my own car and bed to be very alluring, but I can’t imagine leaving the people I’ve come to love here in Israel.  It’s been such an amazing past two months, so check out an update on this photo diary I’ve been keeping:

1397507_10151694211761571_1735991822_oAbsolutely gorgeous views of the Mediterranean from the Northernmost point of Israel

photo (20)Posing at Rosh Hanikrah with my girlfriends

1455874_10151693691681571_894087197_nThe quaint little cablecar we took down to the grottoes

533713_10151701233271571_94644110_nChanukah awesomeness at the mall.  Not ashamed to say I’ve eaten almost one of each flavor this week…

photo 1 (12)Celebrating Chanukah at the port

Happy holidays to all,


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