Palm Trees to Parkas: A Week in Vienna

One of the best parts about being on a different continent is Israel’s proximity to other countries.  It is so expensive to travel from America to anywhere, but within Europe and the Middle East, you can fly country-to-country for much cheaper.  So when I decided to spend the semester in Israel, my parents told me that they would also pay for a few side travels.  I’ll be spending Christmas in London, and I spent most of last week in Vienna with my best friend, Lee and my significant other.  We walked all day, toured the museums and palaces, enjoyed the Christmas markets, ate the local food, and took a day trip to Bratislava, Slovakia.  It was an amazing week, and I’m so grateful for the experience.

IMG_6591Lee soaks in some culture at the Leopold Musuem.  I found a new favorite artist there, Kokoschka.

IMG_6604Our first palace of the trip, Hofburg Palace in City Center

IMG_6613Lee and I on the steps of Parliament.  Half of the buildings in the City Center are covered in Greek mythology.

IMG_6643Lighting a candle at the Judenplatz Holocaust Memorial

IMG_6465Gorgeous evening skies in the City Center

IMG_6662Freezing in the quaint city of Bratislava

IMG_6689Some graffiti is good!

IMG_6716At the Castle in Bratislava overlooking the city

IMG_6494Back in Vienna, at the beautiful Hochstrahlbrunnen Fountain

IMG_6514Enjoying the nightlife

IMG_6786St. Stephen’s Cathedral

IMG_6801In the Schonbrunn Palace Gardens

IMG_6803Schonbrunn with my best friend

IMG_6522I can totally see why people want to live in palaces

IMG_6808The two best travel companions a girl could have

Auf wiedersehen for now!

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