Favorite Food: Kale Chips

I was raised in a big Jewish kitchen.  My mom, averse to the confines of recipes, taught me how to spice and experiment.  She cooks, bakes, feeds, and astounds.  My dad also cooks – pastas in rich sauces for me, his vegetarian black sheep, and chicken or BBQ for himself and everyone else.  Shabbat dinners in my parent’s house are family affairs, and delicious ones at that.  High Holidays are fantastic feasts concocted by my mother, who manages somehow to invent ten dishes at once without any recipes and not confuse any of her seasonings.

This summer, I’ve been cooking some of my old favorites, and since everyone can use a little more health food in their lives, I thought I would share some of my recipes, starting with my favorite healthy snack…


Kale Chips


1 Bag of Kale (I like the prewashed, torn pieces because they cook faster and you can eat them with your fingers)

Olive Oil spray (you can use non-spray, but it makes the kale heavier and less crispy)

Garlic Powder


1. Preheat oven to 400˚

2. Place kale in a large aluminum pan

3. Spray liberally with olive oil spray

4. Shake pan to make sure that the leaves are fully coated

5. Season with garlic powder and salt.  I like a lot of garlic and only a little salt, but feel free to go your own way on this step.

6. Give one light spray to the pan to seal in the spices.

7. Bake for 5-7 minutes, or until tops of leaves begin to brown.  You can leave them in longer if you want a more crispy chip.  I like mine still a bit green and fresh, with just a bit of crisp in them.

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