Best of Summer

It’s September 1st, Labor Day weekend, so summer is over.  I’m getting ready to move to Israel for rest of 2013, and I’m very excited about that.  But there’s always something so heartbreaking about the end of summer.  Summer is a romantic season, full of adventure, late nights, and beach days.  Tomorrow, I’ll drive over the Sagamore Bridge back to Boston, and I’ll leave behind all that summer magic, and my little house on the Cape.

So in loving memory of Summer 2013, here are some of my favorite highlights courtesy of my instagram @starrynight64:

993057_10151389267901571_199799656_nTurning 20… Very excited for this decade!

Red Sox games... I caught a ball on my birthday!

Red Sox games… I caught a ball on my birthday!

PicMonkey CollageCelebrating my parents’ 25th wedding anniversary

1286_10151437562246571_1969649346_nAfternoons barefoot in my yard on the Cape.  Special treat for a city girl like myself with no backyard!

535846_10151497440611571_619915295_nYoga on the beach with Mom

60418_10151476844241571_218191131_nLife underwater with my LifeProof iPhone case

1044439_10151444304206571_595992078_nSeeing Sir Paul at Fenway

1098300_10151529460246571_1164799557_nOld-fashioned diner food with my Grandma

944799_10151497604946571_1200090485_nRunning on the endless Chapin Beach in Dennis

1150973_10151503660556571_46168330_nEvery Cape Cod sunset ever

581976_10151513253601571_2042268599_nBeaching with my baby sister

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