These Two Make Beauty Products are Now Regulars in My Routine

Back in July, I listed Make Beauty’s Succulent Skin Gel in a post on the benefits of using cactus and prickly pear products. At the time, I had only heard amazing things, but hadn’t tried it myself, because I was finishing up another face moisturizer.

Fast-forward to Cyber Monday, and I was shopping all the sales. I picked up the Succulent Skin Gel as well as the Marine Salve, and waited for the minimalist white tubes to arrive on my doorstep.

After using them for over a month, I’m ready to give them glowing reviews apropos of the glowing skin they’ve given me!

The Marine Salve is always in my purse, great for when my hands or lips are feeling dry. It’s made with shea butter and various oils for deep hydration, and it’s a total lifesaver for beach days and travel.

I use the Succulent Skin Gel as my face moisturizer every day, and it’s a great hydrating product that doesn’t make my skin oily or shiny. Usually, I gravitate toward creams, since gel formulas feel sticky and don’t absorb into my face, but Make’s gel sinks right into my skin and doesn’t feel sticky at all! In addition to succulents aloe vera and prickly pear, the gel has chamomile and calendula to soothe and calm the skin. My skin literally glows, and I’ve gotten more compliments on a moisturized, makeup-free face since using it than any other time in my life!

Have you tried any Make Beauty products? I want to get theĀ Succulent Mist in my next order!

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