Five Favorites: Red Nails

I got my first manicure at a synagogue carnival when I was five or six years old. Every photo from that night has me holding up my hands to display shiny red fingernails. And so an obsession began; I’ve been painting my nails ever since. On the rare occasion that I’ve gone unpolished, my fingers feel uncomfortably naked.

My nail polish collection is extensive: every color of the rainbow, brands ranging from Jin Soon to Essie to Butter London. But no matter how many weird shades I’ve tried over the years, I always come back to red. It’s beyond chic, the most classic shade, which makes it the perfect feature for Fall Week! As always, in no particular order, these are my picks for perfect rouge tips!

1. Essie ‘Geranium’


One of my best friends from college turned me on to this shade, and I’ve been wearing it ever since.  I actually own a few bottles, because I’m paranoid it’ll get discontinued!  It’s the perfect poppy, summery red.

2. OPI ‘Malaga Wine’


This is the first fall red manicure I ever got.  I vividly remember picking up the bottle, and I still come back to it for a deeper, but not too dark red.

3. Essie ‘Bordeaux’

Screen Shot 2017-08-29 at 8.41.04 PM

This is my deep, dark red for when I’m feeling particularly moody and vampy.

4. Chanel ‘Pirate’


A sexy red with a fun name.

5. Jin Soon ‘Coquette’


I just bought this color, and I’m already in love with it!  It’s the perfect year-round red.

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