This Mascara Has Replaced My Eyelash Extensions

I loved my eyelash extensions, how they looked, how little to no makeup I felt I needed when I had them, how effortless they made me feel. But they were expensive, high-maintenance, and did a number on my natural lashes. Whenever I’d finally manage to give my eyes a break, the lashes underneath the extensions were weakened and sparse, and took weeks of RapidLash or GrandeLash to revive.

I hated this cycle, but I had a hard time breaking it, especially after having to go to New York Fashion Week last year with virtually no eyelashes. When I left my full-time job in May, I decided that vanities like eyelash extensions had to go, and I set out to find more affordable alternatives that would give me the doe-eyed look I love.


I actually hated on this mascara in a post a few months back! At the time, I had tested it out over a coat of Benefit Roller Lash Mascara, which has always been my preferred method of curling and lifting my lashes (I never use an eyelash curler). I found it to be lengthening but not volumizing, and gave me more of an unnatural, spidery lash, so I put it aside and returned to my longtime combination of Roller Lash + CoverGirl Super Size mascara.

It wasn’t until my family vacation last month that I pulled out L’Oreal’s Lash Paradise again. This time, I used it on my bare lashes and was thrilled at how much curl, lift, volume, length, and staying power it had. My lashes looked lush and full, definitely giving me the Brigitte Bardot/Audrey Hepburn eye I crave, and the mascara lasts all day, and on the rare occasion that I’ve fallen asleep with it on (I always use a makeup wipe, but sometimes I fall asleep pre-cleanse), it still looks great the next day. I’ve been using it every day since, and I’m very happy to be proven wrong.

Here’s to second chances. Love, Me

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