Hate Monogrammed Jewelry? These Pieces Might Change Your Mind

I’ve never been one for monograms.  They cost extra and often look preppier or more basic than my typical style.  But lately, I’m really into jewelry with personal meaning, like my gold Hebrew initial necklace that I’ve been wearing every day.  In that frame of mind, I’ve rounded up some baubles that feel personal without screaming “I’m personalized!”

il_570xn-942848886_jbxw1More into astrology than initials?  Try this Constellation necklace.

Screen Shot 2017-07-13 at 9.19.24 PMNot into cursive?  Go gothic with Espiritu Nativo’s “Chica” pendant with inlaid Sapphire.

13740_04_1If you are on the preppier side, Bauble Bar has a lot of cute, customizable pieces.  I like this one a lot!

il_570xn-692660660_620dYou can put your zodiac sign, cute little symbols or your initials in different fonts on this customizable pendant from Layered And Long.

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