Five Favorites: Summer Scents

Summer is about the simpler things, and that includes my fragrance preferences.  I’ve never been one for complicated perfumes, but in the summer, my tastes are decidedly on the far end of the simplicity spectrum.  Each of these scents has a singular, defining note, and add a little flair to your existence without screaming ‘I doused myself in something expensive’…

Screen Shot 2017-06-22 at 5.09.24 PM

Gourmand’s Lait de Coco ($18) is light enough to not be overwhelmingly sweet, and smells like your dream vacation.


Some people think that Bobbi Brown Beach ($76) smells like sunscreen, but I think it smells just like the perfect summer beach day.  So yes, a teeny bit sunscreen, a whole lot of happy.


My mom has been wearing 4711 by Muelhens ($21) for decades, and I grew up loving it too.  I love its fresh scent, and I always keep a bottle on my vanity for nostalgia’s sake.


My newest discovery is Miu Miu’s MIU MIU Eau de Parfum ($28-$118), with notes of lily of the valley and jasmine, my favorite scent.


Not into floral scents?  Try Mimosa, one of Commodity’s unique and seriously fresh White Collection perfumes.  It’s a mix of citrus, and as the name suggests, will instantly transport you to bottomless brunch heaven.

What’s your favorite summer scent?  Love, Me

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