So You Had A Bad Day

Bad days.  We’ve all had them, and it’s almost a guarantee that we’ll have at least one more in our lives.  Sometimes something goes wrong, sometimes it’s just our moods or our hormones out to get us.  Either way, here are my tips for turning it around!

Take a bubble bath.


Baths have been a method of stress relief since ancient times and have proven health benefits.  Add a bath bomb or some bubbles and just soak the day away!

Do a face mask.


I do a face mask almost every night, no less than once a week.  Not only is it a reason to wash your face (and the day) off, but I also feel good about myself knowing that I’m doing something that will make me wake up with better skin.  I like Caudalie’s Instant Detox Mask.


I like to sit on my floor, close my eyes, and focus on my breathing to center myself.  There are also tons of great apps for meditation with music and helpful tips.

Work Out


Working out is usually the last thing I want to do if I’m having a bad day, but that’s exactly why you should.  I’d rather curl up in bed with Netflix and a frozen pizza.  But I know that I always feel so much better, empowered, and fit after even a quick gym session.  Forcing yourself to go when you want to the least will help you form good habits, and the endorphins will turn your mood around!  Besides, after a workout, you’re more than justified to…

Treat Yourself!

Do a little online shopping, eat some takeout, do something that makes you feel good.  And most importantly, remind yourself that you are amazing, and tomorrow is another day.

Have a great weekend!  Love, Me

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