Skincare Essential: Vitamin C


Everyone has their own skin and their own routines to pamper it, but I just have to say this: if you don’t have a Vitamin C product in your skincare routine somewhere, you’re doing it wrong.  Vitamin C is one of the most powerful ingredients you can use to keep your skin looking young.

The Breakdown:

– Vitamin C is an antioxidant

– It defends against free radicals, meaning it helps reverse sun damage

– Boosts collagen production, something that your body makes less of as you get older

– It can help get rid of the brown spots you get if you spend a lot of time in the sun

– Though nothing will actually keep you from aging (yet), Vitamin C is one of the only proven ingredients that really works to keep your skin looking young

Shop my picks:

1oz_vitamin_c_e_-_website_grey_bckgrnd_grandeRenee Rouleau Vitamin C&E Treatment

635494263008-cefseal22-bSkinCeuticals C E Ferulic

supers_vertical_glow-compressorGlossier Super Glow Serum is one of my favorites because it’s incredibly lightweight (very liquidy) and my skin immediately glows once I apply it.

p400259-av-01-lheroDrunk Elephant C-Firma™ Day Serum‘s innovative formula has a reservoir effect, meaning it’s working on your skin for a minimum of 72 hours, even if you wash your face.

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