Glossier x Milk Bar

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Now that you’ve got your music playing…

Glossier and Milk Bar Bakery have teamed up for Glossier’s first product collaboration, birthday balm dot com!  The newest addition to the balm dot com family is as delicious as its name suggests, smelling sweetly of Milk Bar’s famous cake.

I’ve always preferred fresh, citrus scents over cloying, sweet ones, but BBDC’s scent is actually addictive, and nothing like the Vanilla Bath & Bodyworks products I’ve always avoided.  The packaging is festive and fun, with a holographic shimmer band around the top and Glossier’s usual clean typeface and branding.


I’ve been using it all day every day for the past week, and it’s just so yummy.  Perhaps the most fun aspect of the newest balm (besides the fact that it smells like heaven) is the faint sparkles in the formula, shimmery enough to give your lips a little somethin’, but definitely not like the glitter bomb lip glosses we all used to overapply in junior high.  Ah, the early 2000s, what a time for makeup…


Take 20% off and get free shipping on birthday balm dot com and the rest of Glossier’s products!

Make every day feel like your birthday!  Love, Me

* Photos courtesy of Glossier

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