Summer Nails

Summer is a time when we pare down a lot of things: less clothing and less makeup (sweat + heavy makeup = breakouts), to name a few.  But without gloves on our hands and socks on our feets, it’s time to show our fingers and toes a little love and splurge on a fresh mani/pedi!

I’ve rounded up my polish picks for summer!

Essie ‘Geranium’ is the perfect classic hot red, brighter than your winter wine shade, perfect for your summer tan.

I love Jin Soon’s ‘Aero’ polish when I’m a little tan, and ‘Blue Iris’ for my toes.

CND Vinylux ‘Cream Puff’ is the only white I’ve found that doesn’t look dirty after a few days!

If you’re looking for a naked nail this summer, try Jin Soon’s ‘Dew.’

Barbie Pink is back in a big way, and I love this hot hot hot shade ‘Byrdie’ by Zoya.

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