Inspirations: Week 68

1.  Feminist crusader Geena Davis looks back on one of the greatest girl-power movies, A League of Their Own, which turns twenty-five this year. (via Glamour)


2.  K-Beauty and Japanese Skincare: both amazing, both advocates for sheet masking, both very unique and different from one another.  Make sure you know the difference. (via Tatcha)

3.  If you want to be a better meal-prepper, or you’re just getting started, make sure you keep your kitchen stocked with these ingredients. (via Well+Good)


4.  Frustrated by your lack of online growth?  I know I am.  Learn about Instagram Pods, an underground movement that might actually do more good than harm.  It’s all about supporting and engaging with one another. (via Racked)


5.  Meet the ACLU women taking on Trump.  Nasty, indeed. (via Vogue)


Love, Me



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