Being A Working Woman

I’ve always considered myself a guy’s girl, albeit a very girly one.  I’m a seriously devoted, deeply-invested Red Sox fan, something my girlfriends don’t really understand.  In high school, I had more male than female friends, and in college, I most of my time with my “brother” (a lifelong family friend), and his fraternity brothers.  Until last month, I was the only woman at my startup.

We’re a small group, one that isn’t eager to hire new employees who might mess with the team dynamic.  I’m close with many of my coworkers, but being the only woman in a room full of men presents many issues.  For one, men and women can’t always relate to each other, which is fine, but can make for a lonely situation when you have no other women around.

For the most part, being the only woman at work wasn’t a big deal to me.  The main exception to that statement is my workplace style.  It’s hard to balance wanting to feel feminine, chic, and pretty with being comfortable and feeling like I’m one of the guys.  In today’s vastly diverse workplace, it’s even harder to know what to wear.  Many offices eschew the formal suit and tie or skirt and heels in favor of jeans and sneakers.  My office actually allows flip flops and shorts!

The workplace wardrobe is much harder to curate than it used to be, and most of the time, I’m unsure as to what to wear every day.  Enter, Arthur.  Arthur is the brainchild of a friend of mine, Leigh Sevin, and her co-founder, Jinesh Shah, who recognize the difficulty women are having dressing in a time when there are more workplace variations than ever.  Launched in September 2016, Arthur is available to users living anywhere in the US.  They introduce women to unique designers and curate outfits for them.

After filling out your profile, a stylist will analyze your answers and put together outfits for a variety of occasions based on the lifestyle information you’ve provided.  You can choose pieces from each outfit or buy them in full, and request new outfit options at any time.  The brands are unique, nothing from Zara or H&M, and Arthur only offers brands that make high-quality pieces.

I always love at least part of each outfit Leigh picks for me, usually the whole thing!  Below, I’ve styled a workplace outfit that I’d typically wear: a chambray blouse with jeans and a matching ice blue coat, accented with red heeled sandals to make me feel a little brighter and girlier.

File_000 (88)File_000 (87)

I’ll be posting more Arthur-esque work outfits in the coming week, and you can try Arthur with my code GABRIELLE50 for a $50 credit towards personalized outfits!

Love, Me

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