Inspirations: Week 59

In my opinion, February is always the toughest month of the year.  It might be the shortest month, but the cold, gray, snowy days feel kind of endless.  With one week left to go, I’m all about getting through it with stress relief and self-love…

1.  Finally learn how to meditate with these apps, and then feel proud of yourself for accomplishing one of your New Year’s Resolutions. (via Well + Goodb47b7f29571094e200bd96d4402ab0f3

2.  The skincare market is getting even stronger in the fight against acne.  Check out 10 new products to right your skin. (via StyleCaster33d5ec2e2664aa95c27dc961ccf091d0

3.  I’m constantly impressed by the work young women are doing to make our country a better place.  It’s more important now than ever.  Read about how Kerry Brodie is using food to help refugees assimilate to American life. (via Glamouremmas-torch-launch-party

4.  Millennials, feeling burnt out?  This is probably why.  The good news is that there are solutions that don’t involve running away to an island. (via Camille Stylesfeatured

5.  The emergence of a surprising, yet au courant trend at New York Fashion Week. (via StyleCaster16584866_1313049125423662_3439908164282089472_n

Love, Me

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