Inspirations: Week 58

1.  Aside from being an important form of ID, passports are literally the physical embodiment of freedom.  If you’re renewing yours any time soon, you should read this. (via Smarter Travelhow-to-renew-your-passport-700x500

2.  Forget ramen, these millennials are changing the food game.  As a vegetarian with vegan tendencies, I always like learning about healthy innovators.  I’m so excited for By Chloe to open here in Boston! (via Well + Good)


3.  Whether or not you had a valentine yesterday, I recommend treating yourself to a beauty-full gift.  I love the TonyMoly lip patches!  (via Byrdiea559ea18-9e2d-47fe-8612-850d63b5563c_1-1db04dc931a6a38f6aff719d4d72ef5f

4.  Speaking of lips, learn about one of my favorite hacks for a better pout: eye cream. (via Marie Clairegallery-1486668977-gettyimages-200360812-001

5.  As a Red Sox fan, I had some strong emotions about Derek Jeter, growing up.  But I’ve always thought that he was a class act, even as a rival.  And he married a classy lady, who can write a moving essay. (via The Player’s TribuneOrioles Yankees Baseball

6.  A day late, but it’s important year-round: be your own valentine and learn how to love and cherish yourself.  You should be more than enough for you. (via The Tigvalentines-day-beauty-hero-720x312

Love, Me

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