Obsessed With: Kristin Ess Hair

There are upsides and downsides to social media, but one of the biggest benefits of living in the technological age is the ability to discover and connect with millions of people, brands, and businesses that previously would remain unknown to you.  I have found amazing beauty products, fashion brands, and made many friends thanks to blogging and social media that I otherwise would be living my life without.

In this age of social media, I look to makeup artists and hair stylist for product recommendations; it’s their job to make people look their best, and they know exactly what to use.  One of my favorite beauty accounts on Instagram is @kristin_ess, hair stylist extraordinaire to Lauren Conrad, Lucy Hale, Nikki Reed, and other perfectly-coiffed ladies.  Ess has been showing us #hairgoals for years, and now she has finally launched her own line at Target!

I bought a few of the products on the day they launched, and I have not been disappointed.  Each product is beautifully packaged, with simple instructions and helpful tips straight from the guru herself.  It’s great haircare for anyone who wants celebrity-level hair but doesn’t have a personal stylist or the twenty-two years of experience Ess has under her belt.  And if you need more than a quick tip, Ess even has tutorial videos for each product on her website.  All your bases are covered!

I’ve been able to put off a haircut thanks to her patented Zip-Up technology, which heals broken strands from the bottom up, and my mane has been shining like never before!  Check out the products below:

51397230-lesswarmThe One Signature Shampoo – I’ve tried so many shampoos in my life, but I’m really enjoying this one.  It has a nice, light scent, makes my hair shiny, and lathers really well.  It’s also sulfate-free, which is great for my colored hair.

kristin-ess-signature-conditionerThe One Signature Conditioner – I don’t condition my hair after every wash; I prefer to use leave-in products that won’t weigh down my hair or make it greasy.  So far, this conditioner has done neither, and I’ve used it more frequently than most.

51397343Weightless Shine Leave-In Conditioner – Ess herself says that if you only buy one product from her line, it should be this.  As someone who usually has horribly tangled hair, this spray has been life-changing.  My hair grows very quickly, and I was thinking that it was time to chop off some dead ends, but this stuff has turned it around.  My tangles are virtually nonexistent, and my hair is so shiny!

kristin-ess-beach-spray-waveSoft Shine Beach Wave Spray – Most beach sprays are for wet hair, and leave your strands feeling stiff, dry, and kind of dead.  This spray is the complete opposite: it’s meant for your dry hair, styled or not, and adds beautiful waves and shine without stiffness or stickiness.  I rarely curl my hair because it’s too thick to hold a style, so I was shocked that my beach waves from Saturday held up until my Monday evening hair wash.

If you’re looking for a simple and amazing line of products, these really wowed me.  Have you tried anything from the line?

Have a great weekend!  Love, Me

*All photos courtesy of Kristin Ess Hair

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