Inspirations: Week 56

1.  So you’ve decided that this year is the year you get yourself organized.  Here’s how to make the most out of the planner you bought. (via Career Girl Dailyweekly-times-planner-012_580x2x

2.  Paris or Disneyworld?  Couture Week was basically Disney outfits come to life! (via Us Weeklybelle-014b84d2-5d29-4a61-960c-f2a8f388e5cd

3.  Some easy and portable jar lunches for the girl on the go! (via Career Girl Dailyhomemade-pot-noodle-20-1-600x920

4.  Boston is going crazy for the Super Bowl this weekend.  Here are some great recipes to make for yourself, a potluck, or any other sports-viewing scenario. (via PopSugar)double-fluff-chocolate-coated-crunchers

5.  Finally, this piece by a social media friend of mine helped me come to terms with some feelings I’ve had lately about understanding my purpose in a world of chaos. Things that may seem trivial or materialistic, like fashion and beauty, can actually mean a whole lot.  (via Bustle6a6653d985443f38e40c1427c7c096e5

Love, Me

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