Inspirations: Week 54

1.  If one of your New Year’s Resolutions was to cut out sugar, here’s what you can expect when you do. (via Byrdie2040944-1484114953-640x0c

2.  My favorite brand, Glossier, just launched a new already-cult product, Priming Moisturizer Rich.  Stay tuned for my review! (via Into The Glosspmr_carousel-04-compressor

3.  If the winter is getting to you – I know it’s getting to me – look ahead to spring with these unreal 2017 fashion campaigns.  I’m obsessed with Zendaya for Dolce & Gabbana. (via StyleCasterspring-17-campaigns-dolce-and-gabbana-2

4.  Like my beloved backless loafers, there are some trends carrying over from 2016. (via Who What Wearac87262a9cc151ecbf743a20e4c44c9d

5.  If like me, you’re seriously depressed about the Obama’s leaving the White House this week, these photos will make you smile. (via PopSugarhe-lets-boys-hair-like-his-feel

I think these posts are going to be even more important starting next week.  We’ll have a new president, one who most of us did not want, and it’s going to be hard.  I hope we can all help each other through the next weeks, months, years.

Love, Me

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