Obsessed With: Moon Juice

First off, let me start by saying that no, Moon Juice products are not in any way derived from the moon.  Bummer.  But while they don’t come from a place far away from this planet, they are out of this world, and make me feel so great!

dustimages_092016_brainjarvar_edited_largeBRAIN DUST – Made from ingredients like maca and Lion’s Mane (a mushroom known for promoting cognitive function), I use this every day at work to help reduce stress, boost my energy, and activate my brain.  I feel so much more motivated and focused!

dustimages_092016_beautyjarvar_largeBEAUTY DUST – First: this stuff tastes so amazing.  I love adding it to tea, smoothies, even water.  It is delicious.  Beauty Dust promotes lustrous hair, better skin, a general healthy glow.  Its ingredients include superfood goji berries and pearl.  Pearl.

If you don’t want to drop the big bucks on the tubs (though I recommend it), the sachets are great for first-timers and also perfect for on-the-go.  I keep them in my work bag, so I’m never without!

Have you tried any Moon Juice products?  Love, Me

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