My Style: Scenes From SoHo

My family spent the holiday weekend in New York, so I got to go around to all of my favorite spots in Soho and the Village.  Stay tuned for more!

file_000-34I actually realize that I wore these same jeans and a different pair of backless loafers last time I posed here!file_000-31First time visiting the Glossier showroom!
file_000-35file_000-33file_000-32I’m addicted to Jack’s Wife Freda‘s poached eggs over grilled halloumi
file_000-29Doing my best Dr. Zhivago on Lafayette

I know most of us aren’t looking forward to this weekend, so this is definitely a week to spread love and practice self-love. ┬áHave a great week; we’re all doing the best we can.

Love, Me

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