Inspirations: Week 53

Welcome to a new year of Inspirations!

1.  This is my favorite way to relax and exercise.  I hope to do more forest bathing this year. (via Byrdie986f91b63d55e569231d8f9e597f3ec2

2.  Like most basic b*****s, I love avocados.  Now there’s an avocado cafe in Amsterdam, and I must go! (via Refinery29image

3.  Some trends feel passé as soon as a new year hits, others seem to transcend seasons, years, even becoming eternal.  Check out what’s carrying over from 2016.  I’ll never give up my backless loafer mules. (via Who What Wearac87262a9cc151ecbf743a20e4c44c9d

4.  Even though I have a calendar on my phone, writing in my planner helps me remember important meetings and actualize my goals.  If you want to be more organized, buy a planner and use these tips on how to get the most out of it. (via Career Girl Daily) 88f7eac0bc9ef4af8da6827f88a48e78

5.  ICYMI, our wonderful President Obama gave an epic and noble Farewell Address last night.  Watch it or read some of the best lines here. (via PopSugar938455d1583ffc26aa3d24-57521033_gettyimages-178275902

I’m still sick, but hopefully today gets me over that hump!  Love, Me

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