Inspirations: Week 48

I can’t believe this is the last month of this year’s Inspirations!  I really loved putting these posts together every week.  No matter how hard it was to be inspired at times, I’m proud that I pushed through to bring you these Wednesday posts consistently throughout 2016!

1.  Some things that might happen if you start drinking my favorite drink, matcha. (via Pure Wowgreen_tea_hero

2.  How to maximize productivity in five simple ways. (via My Domaine1782301-1464197964-640x0c-600x460

3.  If you live in a region that has four distinct seasons, I hope you have your winter boots by now.  If not, Who What Wear has some good suggestions.  My snowboots are by Ugg, and I love how warm, stylish, and comfortable they are. 4be579a7a0a1fef4e92bbea44129b3d5

4.  Why wearing headphones in the office is awesome for productivity. (via Career Girl Dailyedit-audio-podcasts

5.  I’m really liking this short but intense and effective abs workout.

6.  I’m happy to know that my diet is pretty similar to those of the Victoria’s Secret models. (via PopSugarmaria-borges

Should I keep doing these posts in 2017?  Love, Me

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