My Sunday Style

To cap off my holiday weekend, I spent Sunday afternoon with my Mama!  We’re both so busy now that it’s rare we have so much unencumbered time to just hang out and do whatever we want.  We did some shopping, took a few photos, and drank some matcha lattes; my favorite ways to spend a day…

file_0001Trying on the cutest hats at Nomad in Cambridgefile_001file_000My mom has been putting pretty clips in my hair since I was a baby!
file_0003I showed my mom my favorite secret place
file_0004Mom doing a little peeping
file_0002This little chalet always makes me so happy; I drive by it whenever I can!

Thanks for stopping by!  Love, Me

Wearing: Urban Outfitters coat, Primark jeans, Asics sneakers

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