My Style: Saturday Night Lace

My friends describe me as many things: blogger, lover of kale, Hamilton addict, mom of the group, to name a few.  But one of the most common things they say is that I am a homebody and an old soul; I’ve grown out of my nightclub phase (my Instagram contains proof that I used to party!) and I enjoy a quiet night at home, drinking tea and reading, Netflixing, or working on this site.  There are many reasons for this lifestyle change, but the main one is simple, I recognized that I felt like I was outgrowing the party scene, so I listened to my body and my heart.

But last weekend, I had my five-year high school reunion at a bar downtown, so I took off my sweatpants and ventured out until the wild hour of 1AM.  My friends were shocked; I actually had a blast!  I’ve been tired all week as a result, but this rare occasion was worth it…

file_000When you realize that your parents’ marbled lobby is super trendy right nowfile_001file_002

Thanks for reading this old lady’s post!  Have a great weekend!  Love, Me

Wearing: Topshop cardigan (sold out but shop similar), ASOS camisole, Primark jeans, Truffle Collection boots

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