Our Style: Turkey Day

Well, that holiday weekend flew by.  I just spent a lovely weekend with my family and had a lot of laughter, love, and good food.   I wanted to share some photos, because this year, our food and decor were even better than usual…

file_000Doing my best Martha Stewart impersonation
dsc_0182I was pretty proud of this creation!
dsc_0176My mom and her big sister
dsc_0204My Aunt made these beautiful napkin rings by hand
dsc_0205dsc_0201dsc_0192Two of the nastiest, smartest, most wonderful women everdsc_0213I love my grandmother’s living room so much.  It’s really cozy, and has so many happy memories
dsc_0193My mom, getting ready for the meal in her childhood kitchen
dsc_0223dsc_0229Mother and daughtersdsc_0237The cutest lady I knowfile_000-7dsc_0248file_002Star of the show

Thanks for stopping by to relive the holiday with me!  Now back to reality… Love, Me

Wearing: Zara top, Uniqlo jeans, Truffle Collection boots

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