Inspirations: Week 46

Happy Thanksgiving week!  I hope your holiday is filled with family, food, and fun, not to mention laughter, lightheartedness, and love!  And alliteration, apparently…

1.  Other than my beloved eggs, I’m practically a vegan at this point.  I’m excited to try out some of these vegan Thanksgiving recipes this year! (via Byrdie9-yummy-vegan-thanksgiving-recipes-to-try-this-year-1983821-1479502755-640x0c

2.  In case you haven’t heard, Trump and Hamilton are in a bit of a fight right now.  As someone obsessed with the musical, I’m loving Colbert’s takedown of our future president.  It’s safe to say I’ll be relying heavily on comedy in the next few years…

3.  Like a lot of people, I find it hard to motivate myself after a long, lazy holiday weekend.  Here’s what performance psychologists recommend. (via My Domaine5b2082e4e7877c4d298c1d91e665dc7b

4. If, like me, you’re really missing the Popular Vote’s President, here’s some extra-special quotes from our nasty woman, Hillary Clinton. (via Career Girl DailyUS First Lady Hillary Clinton laughs while speakin

Have the happiest holiday!  Focus extra hard on what you’re thankful f0r – happiness and love are what heals us better than anything.  Love, Me

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