My Style: Working Girl

It got cold overnight in Boston.  It was eighty degrees last week, and two days later, we’re in the forties and fifties, and it seems like fall and winter are finally on their way.  Before I start posting pictures in my snow jacket and Uggs (yes I wear them and they are amazing), here’s my work outfit from last week, on the last Indian Summer day of the season…

file_000A beautiful morning in my neighborhood
file_0002I love the sound of crunching leaves underfoot, and I love these shoes.  I’ve been wearing them almost every day since I got them!file_0001How beautiful is my walk to work?  That old ship on the left is the Tea Party ship from the American Revolution!
file_0003Just a girl and her Bon Me bubble tea.  I’m addicted!
file_001file_0005file_0004I go running here sometimes when I get home.  How incredible is this view?

Love, Me

Wearing: Madewell top, Primark jeans, Faith Leather Loafers

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