Inspirations: Week 37

1. I’m a pretty confident traveler, and I live by some of these tips for better airport travel. (via PopSugarairport-hacks

2.  I love these fall makeup trends.  My top two: 70s and dewy skin! (via Byrdiemakeup-artists-agree-these-are-the-most-important-fall-beauty-trends-1901509-1473793977-640x0c

3.  Trade in fluffy beach waves for sleek, smooth mermaid waves. (via StyleCaster) 13423560_1068649426594066_3426082_n

4.  I love a good DIY, and these Pakistani beauty secrets are no joke! (via PopSugar)what-you-need1-cup-gram-flour-garbanzo-bean-flour-also-called

Love, Me

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