Photo Diary: Beach Babe

File_000(5)Ran over to the beach for a quick Friday afternoon swim before Sabbath
File_000(15)How cute is my daddy?
File_000(6)File_001File_000(4)What my walk to the beach looks like…
File_001(3)Probably my favorite spot in the entire worldFile_002(1)File_000(14)Walking where Bass River meets the oceanFile_003File_000(3)File_000(13)Swimsuit: BenettonFile_005The ocean was so clear on Saturday!  I’m a total beach girl, but that doesn’t mean I like seaweed…File_000(12)File_000(2)Sooooo go?
File_000(11)Frolicking is probably the best word to describe what my sister Emma and I do!File_000(10)File_000(9)File_001(2)File_007File_000(8)Swimsuit: Solid & Striped / Sunglasses: TargetFile_000(7)File_001(1)File_000(1)Endless, a photo featuring my family
File_000The entire weekend was sunny perfection until Sunday evening at our favorite spot, Mattakeese Wharf.

Before our beloved family pup passed unexpectedly on Sunday evening, we were having the best weekend.  But that’s always how it goes, right?  The weather was gorgeous, the beaches were magnificent, and I’d spent the weekend reading and taking long walks.  I usually feel so healed after a weekend at the Cape, but it’s going to be tough for a while after losing Iz.  At the very least, I hope you all enjoy my photos from the weekend!  Thanks for stopping by.  XX, Gabrielle

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