Inspirations: Week 32

1.  Thanks to the Olympics, everything is about is Brazil lately, so try out some of the country’s best beauty products. (via Byrdie)s1802412-main-lhero

2.  I have my favorite mascaras, but if a Byrdie beauty editor uses it, I’m going to give it a try. (via Byrdie12607639

3.  An iced matcha latte is my absolute favorite way to start off the day (I actually had two on Friday.)  I can’t wait to try these matcha hotspots next time I’m in New York. (via The Lo Downsinmei+tea+iced+matcha+latte.jpg

4.  Always room for self-improvement. (via My Domaine)

Sorry this is such a short one this week.  I’ve been crazy busy with work and celebrating some friends’ birthdays!  Follow me on Instagram @starrynight64 for more summer fun!  XX, Gabrielle

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