Shop This Brand: Tiare Hawaii

Can I just say how bummed I am that I didn’t discover this brand before my trip to Greece?!  Tiare Hawaii makes affordable and gorgeous dresses, rompers, and swimwear!  These are the ideal vacation pieces, bright, dreamy, and easy.  I love the prints and styles, and I can totally imagine myself styling each piece in a lot of different ways, which is how I know they’re worth the buy!

tiar-wd188_v1Holter Dress

tiar-wr48_v4Kalani Lace-Up Romper

tiar-wr56_v1Peacock Romper

tiar-wd181_v2Ocean Dress

Have any of you ever worn something from Tiare Hawaii?  I really wish I could wear one of these for the holiday weekend.  Happy 4th to us all!  XX

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