Curated: Greek Goddess

I’m off to Athens today!  Greece has always been one of my dream destinations, so in honor of my trip, this edition of Curated is brought to you by all the things that say “Greece is the word,” to me…

3dcdaca094e02f48c1b65b8e7881a7fd3f93e7dd049480a82319b3dded495470b44b2ef4e0657dc3f8bf30c277dbd7af7deabdebd6d8c0050753bfdf5ba6400e94168149d5adf727f4661e5a96f8f3eb0a69e75c076b7246286218c5fc631d6d1ea22559ec3468212c49618ec4d173d47Purchase this image at

*All photos were found on Google or Pinterest, with gratitude and credit to the subjects and photographer

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