Curated: Mermaid

I’ve always considered myself an honorary mermaid.  After my trip to Disneyland last week, Ariel herself made me one!  My favorite movie is The Little Mermaid, I grew up spending my summers by the sea, and I have long hair that my girlfriends call ‘crazy mermaid hair.’  Need I say more?

So this week’s edition of Curated is dedicated to the most magical creatures that definitely exist… 1059ad1acd31c45ae630e2aa797a268f8dc2bc4beb4facd3c7de102ba64a27a34a3876f0b2aa1b40a0b34609b6445dfa3f3617c9650caf8ca54dc42d85d780be645f9268a8c535821e652022d45146920686205b434aecf40852aba7cc2a6151741a99d6f59909182fa9ce0908ccbf7d6c2d78434d937f2fed370d778dbd6311c4a0d39f0c6f1653a8af4f2b3b974103cec37709e6be75aff19ab0d3d285dd8b08c6fa3fbbb98935e9016ef25b9deb5c7029f1c86e388885386a9333dd3911b3f2d935d4fdee5ee580743995a2e5390743c769a6228241f2713f4a16e7112b80ca99c1f39640f7e4e369b68afc4df630

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