Inspirations: Week 16

Since I am in California on vacation (pause for tears of joy), this week’s ‘Inspirations’ will be travel-themed!

1.  How to make your perfect road trip playlist. (via PopSugarc78fb7c1c598ee143e38479379a6be4a

2.  Nothing says California Girl like beachy waves. (via Beauty Banter6ad035abb7589fb5d3d3481ddb3d6fb7

3.  Here are some ways to keep yourself occupied if you don’t fall asleep easily on long flights like I do. (via Distractify62cb6ff8634900e4ae1940f41ed78f2a

4.  Tips for actually managing to get some sleep.  My go-to’s are a sleep playlist, neck pillow, and Advil PM. (via PopSugar65a2fd4ca4be9e8eded0d6376743f23f

5.  Ever wonder how people come back from vacation with amazing photos?  Use a service like Flytographer, and have someone photograph your trip!75cffc87fc647bd7f3b42a9f61839432

6.  Need a vacation but not sure where to go?   Choose a destination from the American Travel Bucket List. (via PopSugarwalk-grounds-marshall-point-lighthouse-maine

7.  Ways to become a better traveler. (via PopSugar8039eda5be7be161cca229c18d4d1352

8.  Finally, some signs that you need a vacation.  In my opinion, we all probably need one. (via PopSugaryouve-forgotten-what-good-night-sleep-feels-like

* All photos courtesy of Pinterest, with my gratitude!

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