Inspirations: Week 7

1.  In case you missed it, Lady Gaga’s Grammy’s tribute to David Bowie was incredible.  Arguably the highlight of the entire show, and this comes from someone whose cousin won two Grammy’s with Taylor Swift! (via Glamour)CbTkZOgW4AET0_v.png-large

2.  I’ve been rocking this hairstyle since I was a little girl, so someone should hire me as a trendspotter already. (via Lipstickkendall-jenner-half-up-hairstyle-w724

3.  Educate yourself about one of my favorite skincare essentials ASAP. (via Into the Glossrosehip-6-613x409

4.  I usually go for a more natural look at work and save bright lipsticks for nights out, but this lipstick challenge is a great way to get out of your comfort zone! (via Refinery29)image

5.  I do this too!  Try Kendall Jenner’s outfit trick. (via Who What Wearthe-h-ing-trick-kendall-jenners-new-trend-you-need-to-try-1627769-1453247439-640x0c

6.  One of the easiest recipes for a healthy and delicious snack.  I eat this for breakfast or bring it to work for lunch! (via Skinny Ms.cashew-milk-chia-pudding

That’s all for today!  It’s almost the weekend now!

XX, Gabrielle

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