Craving Casuals

Comfort over style, always.  Of course, if they happen to go hand in hand, great!  The fitness-as-fashion trend seems to be here to stay, and I’m personally very into seeing celebrities walking around in sneakers and leggings.  They’re just like us!  In both the long run and the short run, comfortable clothing is the right choice, especially when the weather gets nasty!  Here are some of my favorite comfy items…


  • Calvin Klein Modern Cotton Bralette – I tend to go braless a lot, which my grandmother and mom think is “unladylike,” but is so much more comfortable!  When I do wear bras with cups, I wear Body By Victoria’s Secret – the most comfortable underwire bra!
  • Lululemon Wunder Under Pant – Ok, yes, these are very expensive leggings, but hear me out.  I used to buy cheaper leggings that weren’t warm enough or would rip after a few months, usually in the butt or crotch – talk about embarrassing!  About four years ago, I splurged and bought myself a pair of Lululemon’s, and then a second pair the next year.  I’ve been wearing these two pairs of leggings almost every day of the fall/winter for a combined total of seven years, and they still fit snugly, look good, and keep me warm.  In the long run, I’ve actually saved money!  (If the price tag is really too insane for you, I also recommend Zella’s leggings; they’re a bit cheaper but still thick and durable)
  • Gap Men’s Thermal – In the winter, I usually wear a big shirt or sweater with my leggings or jeans.  My sister and I both have these ancient thermals that belonged to our dad, and they are the softest, coziest shirts ever!
  • Aerie Romantic Lace Racerback Bralette – I recently popped into Aerie after work because they had a sale that was too good to be true.  I fell in love with this gorgeous, flattering bralette, and now I must have every color.  They’re marked down this week, too!
  • Victoria’s Secret Fleece Joggers and Pink’s Gym Pant, which I’m wearing as I write this are perfect for this ‘athleisure’ trend.
  • If you don’t want to splurge on the classic American Apparel zip-up, I’m loving H&M’s version.

This post is so comforting that I kind of want to nap now!  Stay cozy, everyone.

XX, Gabrielle

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