Inspirations: Week 6

1.  How to set up a Last Minute DIY Photo Booth in your home for all your holiday fun! (via Hello Natural)

2.  This quote from one of my favorite childhood books.


3.  As someone who is slowing weaning themselves off of heavy makeup (thanks acne medication!) I am all about these concealer tips from some of the best makeup artists.  I’ll barely have to wear makeup at all! (via The Coveteur)

4.  I love Bali Body, so I can’t wait to try out their new Watermelon Tanning OilBali_Body_Watermelon_grande

5.  I have so many wires on the floor from my laptop, lamp and tv, and I really need to learn how to conceal them so I won’t trip! (via Pinterest)

6.  Into the Gloss is one of my favorite sites, and I love that I’ve tried almost all of these sheet masks.  I’m wearing one by Innisfree right now!

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