Weekly Wonderful: Mountains and More

So far, things are pretty great here.  My classes are interesting, I’ve made some great friends, and have been taking advantage of everything Tel Aviv has to offer.  But this isn’t a Tel Aviv post.  Last weekend, my program took us on a trip to northern Israel.  It was so nice to be back in the Golan and Galil region after four years away.  We hiked, we toured, we drank, we got no sleep.  Pictures below:

1381312_10151615738576571_2105672895_nOur first hike, Mount Arbel.  Those clouds soaked us about twenty minutes after I took this.

1385296_10151615986241571_995601488_nClimbing down Arbel Cliff.  Possibly dangerous, definitely terrifying.

IMG_5855My best friend/roommate and I pre-rain on top of Mount Arbel

1384063_10151616150466571_275265253_nThe view from my hotel room.  This photo barely does the full moon justice.

994953_10151617562801571_853613728_nDay 2: The Chula Park and Nature Reserve in the Golan Heights.  This water was full of catfish!

IMG_5852Hiking the Banias with my girlfriends.

1383180_10151617748951571_2041852870_nAfternoon snack in a Druze village.  The orange ones are sweet goat cheese pastries, and the golden brown are mostly made of honey.  Weird, but SO delicious.

IMG_5849Doing the evening lantern tour at Nimrod Fortress with my friend Jon.

1383978_10151619511531571_182540459_nOne last view of the Kineret on Sunday morning

IMG_5847Lee and I meeting some cows at Kibbutz Deganya Bet, one of the oldest kibbutzim in Israel

IMG_5845Boston fall traditions in Israel: Apple picking.  Sadly, no cider donuts or hayrides here.

IMG_5843Finishing up the trip with a little wine tasting 🙂

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