Weekly Wonderful: Welcome to Tel Aviv

First week in Tel Aviv, first week at a new university… Obviously I have a lot to say.  And I will say it.  And you can feel free to read it, or not.  But for the visual people who don’t want to peruse my ramblings, here’s a photo post about my first week in Tel Aviv.

1382265_10151596236751571_768514333_nThe beautiful Tel Aviv University campus


One of my beautiful roommates and I sipping mojitos in downtown Tel Aviv
photo (8)Me enjoying one of Israel’s weirdest treats: Chocolate milk in a bag, known as Shoko

photo2Two of my Boston friends and I at Clara, an outdoor nightclub on the beach


I had to crop my roommate out of this because she HATES pictures, but here I am at the Old Jaffa port.

1375044_10151604917936571_923508921_nA ridiculous Tel Aviv-Yafo sunset

Words coming soon!  XO

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