Weekly Wonderfuls

It’s my last week in Boston… oh my god.  I am not even close to being packed, having started watching Parenthood yesterday.  I now have a half-empty suitcase and a full-on obsession with the Braverman family.  Anyway, here’s a photographic/link-o-graphic (my new made-up word) recap of my week…

Dessert Nachos from my fave restaurant/workplace, Fire & Ice Boston
The image that helped Jewish girls around the world kind of tolerate Yom Kippur
  • Another stop on the Miley train, I LOVE this vintage-y, totally unique cover of her song, “We Can’t Stop” by Neon Hitch 
Got fat at Shake Shack today… (Mushroom burger for my vegetarian self, of course)
  • This article kind of explains my love for Tom Hiddleston… but it’s basically just everything he does ever. 
This artsy shot by my friend Lizzie… that’s me in a fountain! 

Hope everyone has a wonderful week! XO, g

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