Link Love

Happy New Year to all my fellow Jews, and happy September to all!  This week’s finds:

  1. Addie.  Freaking.  Hamilton.  This girl has one of those unique voices.  Think Billie Holiday.  She only has two videos on her youtube channel so far, but her take on “Blurred Lines” is awesome.
  2. Tom Hiddleston, my celeb crush/all-around awesome human being, in this video with Cookie Monster.  Everything.  Thank you, universe.
  3. Speaking of cool people, resident goddess Kerry Washington is this month’s Glamour girl.
  4. A recipe for the perfect egg salad sandwich… Can’t wait to be the judge of that.
  5. I got this gorgeous Leatherology passport case for my upcoming trip with my monogrammed initials.  Classy, much?
  6. For all those times when you wish there was a life hack for your entire life.
  7. Don’t forget to look at other perspectives.

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