Glossier’s Newest Shade of Cloud Paint Might Be My Favorite Beauty Product EVER

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The proof of my love for this product on my Glossier rep page!

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I was never really a blush person until Glossier launched Cloud Paint last year. I ordered all four shades and suddenly, dabbing those little gel-cream hybrids onto my cheeks was my favorite part of my makeup routine; it was like watching my skin come to life.

And now, with the additions of two new shades, I’m in love with Cloud Paint more than ever. One shade, in particular, has threatened to unset mascara as my #1 makeup priority.

My entire young adult life, I’ve said that if I could only ever use one beauty product again, it would be mascara. Without mascara, my eyelashes are blonde and near invisible. They’re thick and long, but unless I get them tinted, they’re nothing without mascara.

Cloud Paint in ‘Storm,’ is so gorgeous, though, that it might be the greatest beauty product I’ve ever used. At first glance, the dark rose hue that comes out of the tube appears very dark. But pat it onto your cheeks and you’ll discover the perfect rose-pink shade that suggests you spent the day getting a little too much sun at the beach.

To me, the sunburnt look (sans sun damage, of course) is the ideal summer look. It’s natural, romantic, light, and fresh. It’s also a nostalgic thing for me; I grew up spending summers on Cape Cod, coming home from the beach at the end of the day, tired, sandy, and glowing. There’s nothing prettier, and now, it’s almost too easy to achieve.

Photos courtesy of Glossier

2 thoughts on “Glossier’s Newest Shade of Cloud Paint Might Be My Favorite Beauty Product EVER

  1. I’m so gutted Glossier don’t ship to Australia because I’ve heard too many good reviews about this blush paint to not already have it! I’m like you in that mascara is my number one product, but I love the sunburnt look as well, and am on the lookout for a blush that can achieve that perfectly, this honestly looks like it xx

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